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The Feel of the times...

All of my mixes take me back to the time of creating them.  It can be a lengthy process: finding tracks that touch/move me in some way, matching them with other tracks, moving them around so they complement each other.  I have sometimes mulled over a mix for months before finally finding the right combination.  Sometimes it happens quickly and I can knock out 2 mixes in a week .


But they always always get suffused with the life I am living right then - the feelings generated by the work I do, the shoots I have had, the people I have met.  So listening to any mix is a walk through my memories.  Sometimes bittersweet - they are never painful no matter how much pain I felt at the time.  Time dulls the sharpest pangs removing pain and allowing me to be an observer to the the regrets the losses and the despair so it just becomes nostalgia.


Music is transformative and the very fact that I am creating music or mixing music somehow absorbs the hurt as well as the joys, allowing a form of equilibrium.


I don't know what I would do without it.